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​What is an Osaki doll?


Osaki dolls are available in the Osaki Nishibun district of Kanzaki Town, Saga Prefecture.

For more than 700 years, even though it has been interrupted several times in the flow of the times

It is a pottery doll that has been revived and inherited.

Currently, it has been revived and inherited by the "Ozaki Doll Preservation Society".


According to folklore, a soldier of the Mongol army who was taken prisoner during the Mongol invasion (Battle of Koan)

It is said that the beginning was when a doll was made and screamed in memory of his hometown.

(The technique of pottery was handed down to the locals,

Eventually, roof tiles, braziers, pots, etc. were made as Ozaki-yaki.

During the Edo period, it was one of the gifts from the Saga domain to the shogunate. )

When you breathe in, it becomes a clay flute that makes a simple sound like "hoho".

When you shake it, it becomes a clay bell that makes a cute sound.

The Ozaki doll has a mechanism that makes children happy.

Also, it is not colored in the part that is in the mouth when blowing.

There is a theory that "putting earthen things in your mouth has the effect of sealing the insects."

It also means a prayer for the healthy growth of children.


Based on the three traditional colors of blue, red, and yellow, while using other colors,

Currently, there are about 40 variations.

Everything is made by hand, so it can be used for appearance, facial expressions, whistle tones, and bell sounds.

Each one has its own personality, and it has a very tasty and warm atmosphere.

It is loved by many people across prefectures and the sea.

​To Osaki doll lineup


People who inherit and connect


  Masahiro Takayanagi  

Osaki Doll Preservation Society Doll successor

My father was making Osaki-yaki,

I started making Osaki dolls at the age of 62.

With original painting while preserving traditional colors

Makes you feel the personality of the creator

A gentle and charming expression is created.

​Masahiro Takayanagi


  Masaki Jojima 

Osaki Doll Preservation Society Doll successor

When I was in elementary school, I made Ozaki dolls during my drawing time .

I moved to Osaki from 2019 and am making Osaki dolls.

As Saga Ichishindo, we also manage the wholesale sales of Osaki dolls.

Masaki Jojima

Osaki doll introduction video

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